What We Do

World Private Equity is a boutique private equity company and leader in international investment.

We invest capital in a variety of investment classes and opportunities worldwide, creating and unleashing value to an organisation or investment where our competition fails or can not.

Our creative solutions based investment approach, integrity, leadership and risk mitigation strategies benefit all stakeholders.


Our Projects

Our extensive portfolio of projects include the following:

Property Development & Investment

We invest our capital in the following international property asset classes:

  • Residential property development
  • Regional, Sub-regional and boutique shopping centres
  • CBD A-Grade and B-Grade institutional grade commercial portfolios
  • Institutional grade industrial estates
  • Luxury hotel investment and development
  • Land sub-divisions
  • Blue chip agricultural estates


Our experience in this space has seen us work with leading universities, scientists and leaders in the innovation and development of cutting edge biotechnology initiatives in:

  • Pharmaceuticals; and
    Medical biotechnology


We specialise in the following infrastructure assets:

  • International and domestic Air-Ports
  • Bridges, roads, motorways and tollways
  • Renewable energy including solar, wind and wave technologies
  • Ports
  • Pollution reduction and desert reclamation


Mining, Resources and Commodities

To date our projects have included the following resources and mining areas:

  • Oil and gas
  • Platinum, gold, silver
  • Rare earth minerals
  • Iron ore, copper, coal, aluminum, bauxite, tin and nickel


Our logistics business includes the acquisition and global expansion of logistic operations by Air, Sea, Rail and Land transport;

Private Equity Finance

We offer select venture and expansion capital, equity injections and project finance to public and private enterprises and are open to Joint venture arrangements as required.


Our Clients

Our clients include international ultra high net worth individuals, institutions, investment banks, fortune 500 companies, single family offices and government owned corporations.